About Us

Ujuzi Fursa Africa – “ Skills for Opportunities “ is a social enterprise set up to align with three of the global sustainable development goals (sdg) to transform our world.

Our Mission is “Make Lives Better “

  • Good Health and Well Being – We are aiming to build quality entry level health workforce capacity in Africa. We are also promoting cheaper and accessible health care assistants to promote preventive care to pre - emptive care and management of non-communicable diseases and affordable post discharge care.
  • Quality Education – Our skills for opportunities courses are meant for All men and women to learn technical and vocational skills in health and other in demand sectors. Thus giving all a certified education no matter the age or background and a chance at a sustainable future.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth – Our skills are in high value and in labor intensive segments. We aim to increase the labor force in our segments of specialization and improve the economic productivity of Africa while providing sustainable income to the workers.

Professional Caregiving is our first skill to market and was chosen as it perfectly aligns with our sdg goals to achieve.

It has allowed us to build the entry level health workforce in Kenya. We can proudly say we have added 100 professional certified caregivers to the market where it had very few previously.

We have offered accessible caregiving services in Kenya. We are reducing the cost of homecare by 40% currently compared to hospital stay or technical nursing care. This has allowed us to manage Non-communicable diseases as well as post discharge care for care recipients who would not have had access to these services previously.

Our course which lasts for three months and includes a month of internship in a Hospital has provided the Kenyan market with a quality education option. We charge a subsidized rate for learning our course and the course is designed to be learned by anyone who is above the age of 18. We have trained 18year old’s all the way to a 65-year-old. We have successfully certified these trainees and our gender mix is 60% female to 40% males.

Our course has offered a route to employment in the health sector. A labor-intensive sector with demands greater than any country can supply. We are providing opportunities for decent employment with a bright future. Our current employment statistics show that 75% of our graduates have worked more than 60 days or are in full time employment.

Our Vision

We envisioned to be in 3 Sub Saharan African countries by 2020. We hope to have trained and certified 3000 caregivers and hope to have provided accessible homecare to over 9000 households.

We are designing our training centers and using standardized processes to eventually achieve a franchising model. This will allow for super growth from year 2021.

We aim to bring the cost of care down by at least 50% from 2016 costs.

We also hope to launch our next skill for opportunity in 2019.

What next?

Interested in Ujuzi Fursa Africa?

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